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How To Donate and Rewards
« on: December 10, 2011, 10:29:08 am »
You Will Receive a Server (any which is available for V.I.P member) + V.I.P + Forum Moderator Donation is Only Accepted With Alert-Pay!

Every time There will be one Server available and the First One To Donate The Amount Of That Server Will Receive it!!

For Example:
In The Announcement Section There is a Server Available but If You Donate 5$.. You Think That The Server is Cheap so You will Donate and You will Receive that Whole Server in a PM!

Doubling Donate:
Doubling Donate is when 2 People Just Donate For 1 Server at The Same Time! If This Happens Then Both Will Receive a Server but it will be different from each other 

How To Donate:
As i have Mentioned It Before That Only ALERT-PAY Payments are Accepted The Payment Method is:
Donate At This Account: